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  1. Adjustable Shock Absorber

    Adjustable Shock Absorber

    EKD Adjustable Shock Absorber can simply adjust to fulfill different input speed and force. This series product can adapt to vary application and working condition; just need turning on the adjustable knob simply to change the damping force. Adjustable shock absorber can be uses for harmful impact on precision components that driven by cylinder, motor or mass load.

  2. Vibration isolation solution

    Vibration isolation solution

    EKD company focus on vibration isolation industry for decades, as a vibration isolation solution provider, our company according to the different needs of customers, including: on-site survey, design, manufacturing testing, implementation of installation and other all-round services, to meet the various stringent application requirements of customers.

  3. Heavy Duty Shock Absorber

    Heavy Duty Shock Absorber

    Heavy Duty Shock Absorber was designed with internal air accumulator, high energy absorption capacity and compact. This series product provides very smoothly damping force and super long-stroke, long life cycle. Heavy duty shock absorber widely used for Automatic Warehouse, Rail Equipment, Crane, Automatic Production Line which have high requirement for deceleration and smoothly damping force.

  4. Anti impact compound vibration isolator

    Anti impact compound vibration isolator

    HGGN series impact resistant composite vibration isolators developed and produced by EKD company are composed of steel rope vibration isolators covered with rubber or polyurethane, which have the advantages of both steel rope vibration isolators and rubber type vibration isolators.

  5. Heavy Industry Buffer

    Heavy Industry Buffer

    Heavy Industry (Gas-Liquid) Buffer was designed with Gas-charged return system. This series product has very strong energy absorption capacity for single shock, particularly suitable to safety stop of large or super large equipment. Heavy Industry Buffer widely used for Crane, Rail equipment, Steel industry, Coal, Railway and other market. Large-Bore and High Energy Capacity design provide reliable performance and long life time.

  6. All metal three-way equal stiffness isolator

    All metal three-way equal stiffness isolator

    The new series of all metal three-way equal stiffness vibration isolators newly developed by EKD Company, composed of composite metal structures, truly achieve the three-way equal stiffness performance characteristics. This series of products has been developed in cooperation with the Naval University of Engineering, and the products have passed various mechanical property tests and durability tests.

  7. Non-adjustable Shock Absorber

    Non-adjustable Shock Absorber

    EKD Non-Adjustable Shock Absorber was designed of integrated and non-detachable unit, powerful, compact and reliable, high energy absorption efficiency. This series product can reach very high working life up to 25-30 million life cycles. Non-adjustable shock absorber widely used for high-frequency, precision equipment to absorb the impact and shock energy, provide the perfect safety stop.

  8. Super Long Life Shock Absorber

    Super Long Life Shock Absorber

    EKD Non-Adjustable Super Long Service Life Series Shock Absorbers ES Series was specially designed for harsh application environments. It provides super long service life and super high endurance capacity. This series product was designed of an integrated unit, completely maintenance-free with very long working life up to 25 million life cycles. It is widely used in precision mechanical damping like beverage packaging industry which has very stringent requirements for product quality and service life.

  9. Wire Rope Vibration Isolator

    Wire Rope Vibration Isolator

    Wire Rope Vibration Isolator includes stainless steel rope and the mounting bar. This series product are using for shock and vibration isolation. EKD wire rope isolator are comprised of corrosion resistant metal parts, insensitive to the impact of the surrounding environment such as temperature, chemical products, oil, ozone and other corrosion.

  10. Special Vibration Isolator

    Special Vibration Isolator

    EKD Special Vibration Isolator Products mainly used in military market and critical circumstance applications; include HGGS series stainless steel wire rope isolator, HGGN series Anti-Impact vibration isolator, JYXR series flexible connecting pipe products. These special vibration control products can ideally suited to a variety of strict vibration isolation and impact resistance requirements, which have excellent performance, many successful cases and have the corresponding military qualifications and certifications.

  11. Steel mesh pad & rubber vibration isolator

    Steel mesh pad & rubber vibration isolator

    For different customer applications, we provide various types of vibration isolators, including all-metal materials, steel mesh pads, rubber, polyurethane and other special materials. The application of composite materials provides optimized solutions for customers' vibration isolation needs.

  12. Fluid Viscous Damper

    Fluid Viscous Damper

    EKD fluid viscous dampers products are widely used for seismic, wind and vibration protection of Bridges, buildings and structures.Our viscous damper products have a number of industry-leading technologies, using metal seals, long life (50 years), insensitive to environmental temperature, full hysteresis curve, stable performance, optional sensor, real-time monitoring and feedback of the state of the damper product.The most suitable viscous dampers can be recommended according to customer requirements.

  13. TMD - Tuned Mass Damper System

    TMD - Tuned Mass Damper System

    EKD Provides complete solutions for TMD tuned mass dampers and TLD tuned liquid damper systems. Starting from field measurement, EKD provides a full range of services, including calculation and analysis reports, system & product design, manufacturing, field installation services, pre- and post-installation comparison test reports, etc. Our third generation magnetically damped TMD system has significant advantages over traditional damped systems, such as maintenance-free, oil-leak free, high sensitivity, and long service life.

  14. Particle Damper

    Particle Damper

    Particle damping technology is a technology that provides damping by particles filled in the cavity (or additional cavity) of the vibrating structure. When the structure vibrates, particles collide and rub with each other due to the motion coupling and energy transfer between the vibrating particle container and the internal particles so as to dissipate the energy of the vibrating main structure and achieve vibration reduction.

  15. Import Substitute

    Import Substitute

    EKD design and production of a variety of types products, including small bore shock absorbers, heavy buffer, wire rope vibration isolator, damper, etc., can be parallel to replace imported brands, excellent performance, rapid delivery, reasonable price. Fill the domestic technology gap of many products.

  16. Metal working and manufacturing

    Metal working and manufacturing

    EKD manufacturing center is located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, covers an area of 5000 square meters, has a number of CNC lathes, machining centers, wire cutting, edM and other equipment, can according to customer drawings or requirements to provide high quality mechanical parts, mold products, non-standard machine parts, structural parts, welding parts and other outsourcing processing services.

  17. Friction Spring Damper

    Friction Spring Damper

    Compared with the traditional hydraulic damper, the friction spring damper adopts the all-metal friction principle, eliminates the hydraulic oil, effectively avoids the risk of oil leakage, greatly improves the environmental adaptability, high temperature, low temperature, corrosion and other harsh environment. At the same time, it has high energy dissipation efficiency and is widely used in the field of industrial and building bridge structure vibration reduction.

  18. Locking Assemblies & Coupling

    Locking Assemblies & Coupling

    EKD offers a wide range of locking Assemblies and coupling products,are suitable for securing all types of hubs onto shafts and axles. Replacing traditional shrink fits, keys and polygonconnections, splined shafts etc.. So cog wheels and sprockets, levers, lifters, cam discs, pulleys or brake discs, balance wheels, couplings, slip on gear mechanisms, flanges, pulley wheels and rotors can be attached absolutely reliable.

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